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What is BishBox?

How do I subscribe?

How much does it cost?

BishBox is a monthly mystery box filled with high quality, original mesh clothing, accessories, skins, shoes, and hair for the wild and crazy grrrrls in Second Life. Using the same successful formula as SwagBag and Deco(c)rate, BishBox will deliver 15 top quality semi-exclusive items from SL’s best female designers directly to your inventory every month.

BishBox systems are fully automated and run off custom built servers by MadPea Events. There’s no group space needed! Just visit one of the in-world kiosks at the BishBox HQ or one of the participating stores to register your subscription.

Pre-orders of BishBox are discounted 50% and their cost is 1500l per month. If you wish to purchase a past month’s box (after the boxes have been delivered), you can do so at a kiosk in the BishBox HQ priced at 3000l per box.

Is this an introductory price? Will it go up?

How will I get my box?

Can I gift BishBox to a friend?

No. We’re not trying to lure you in a ‘special’ price and we have no plans to increase the price in the future, although we reserve the right to do so with plenty of prior notice.

On the 20th of each month the BishBox will be delivered directly to your inventory.

Yes! You can gift a BishBox to your friend by clicking on the kiosk and selecting the gift option.

I didn’t get my BishBox, can I get a redelivery?

What do you mean by semi-exclusive?

Do I have to join an in-world group?

Yes. Visit BishBox HQ and use the redelivery terminal.

All items in our BishBox are made exclusively for us by our amazing designers in original mesh. After a month has passed, designers will be allowed to sell their design in their stores or at events with re-colours. The original colour and item will always remain exclusive to BishBox.

No. Purchases are made using the kiosks so no group is needed. However, because we’re delivering the BishBox via a vendor system anyone can join the in-world group to keep up to date about giveaways, offers, contests, or just chat with other BishBoxers.

Can I purchase previous BishBoxes?

Will I know what will be in the box?

Can I get a refund?

Yes. Previous BishBoxes will be available to purchase at the BishBox HQ at their original price of 3000l.

Because of the nature of a ‘mystery’ box we will not reveal the items inside of the box until it comes out on the 8th. However, we will do teasers and show our designers and information to their stores, so you will get an idea of what type of items they typically make.

No. All sales are final and refunds will be offered.

How can I leave you feedback?

I’m a blogger, can I blog for BishBox?

I’m a designer, can I join?

Your opinion matters and our goal is to make sure our BishBoxes are always high quality. We are following the BishBox group chat and have a suggestion box at the BishBox HQ. We will do regular surveys to make sure our customers are satisfied.

Bloggers are invite only. However, you can leave us your details via the contact form and we will get back to you should there be an opening for new bloggers.

Designers are invite only. However, you can leave us your details via the contact form and we will get back to you should there be an opening for a new designer.


Please feel free to join the BishBox group in-world to ask questions or use the contact form. Alternatively IM the Facebook page for BishBox.